Rod Charlesworth and the Canadian Landscape

Posted on 16 May 2017

Deep in the wilderness of British Columbia or perched on an ice flow in the Northwest Territories, lucky visitors might catch a glimpse of an artist blocking out his latest work. If a trip to the wilds of Canada is not in your future however, come by Gainsborough Galleries to see these stunning locales represented in the work of Rod Charlesworth.

Each painting reads like a love letter to Canada. Between the colourful portrayals of the wilds of the north to the lyrical images celebrating urban life in our nation's cities, Charlesworth strives to celebrate the rugged subtleties of life in Canada.

Rod paints with confidence and flair, addressing complex scenes with broken colour and bold composition reminiscent of Canadian icon, Tom Thompson. His paintings are imbued with the kind of warmth that accompanies long days at a favourite cabin, or a mug of hot chocolate after a long day on the skating pond. His works also seek to capture the inherent ephemerality that inevitably partners such precious moments.

We at Gainsborough Galleries are excited to present a solo show of Rod's work. We encourage you to come by and revel in his vivid colour palette and examine his unique manner of manipulating his materials. These outstanding new paintings showcase the best of modern Canadian master Rod Charlesworth's work. A limited selection of his show pieces will be on display for the remainder of the month.

We sat down with Rod to discuss his process and life along the Okanagon. You can read the transcription of the interview below.

Gainsborough: Can you describe the feeling you have when you see a large collection of your work on exhibit at one time?

Rod Charlesworth: Accomplishment, it's nice to see my work outside of the studio environment.

G: Could you speak to the paintings in this show? Do you find yourself gravitating toward a favourite subject recently?

R.C: I see things more in terms of subtle changes that take place. The Okanagan landscape where I live speaks to me in an artistic sense.

G: Can you tell us some (one or more) of your personal favourite paintings in this exhibition? 

R.C: "Red Sky at Night" and "The Newfoundland Coast" are two of my favourites because of their dramatic sunsets.

"Red Sky at Night" by Rod Charlesworth

G: Your work features a combination of paint applications: brush, knife, spatula (have we missed any?) do you have a favourite?

R.C: All of the above. They are just tools used to communicated imagery. Fingerpainting is a part of my way of painting as well.

G: Is there any difference for you between painting a more urban scene, or a painting of children playing, as compared with a landscape?

R.C: The fact that they are different from each other makes it more enjoyable for me to paint because I have to think differently with each genre.

G: Can you describe the language you use to portray the Canadian landscape?

R.C: My creative language consists of mark making, texture building and the use of colour vibrancy.

G: Are there any places or subjects that you haven't yet painted, but would like to?

R.C: I would like to paint the eastern Arctic and other unique areas of Canada such as PEI.

G: What's your favourite piece of advice you've received pertaining to your career, art, and inspirations?

R.C: It's not all about talent drive and desire are just as important.

G: What do you hope the people who visit the show will take away from your images?

R.C: I hope that they have had a visually and aesthetically interesting experience.

G: What is something that's essential for you to have in your studio, other than art supplies?

R.C: Music, good music, in all it's forms. It creates an atmospheric vibe.

We'd like to thank Rod for taking the time to answer our questions, and hope that you can stop by to see his work! A limited display of his pieces will be on display for the remainder of the month.
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Posted on 4 July 2016

This year we are featuring a special Stampede theme exhibition which will highlight all the wonderful western artworks that we have in the gallery.

We've curated a selection of paintings from artists such as: Shannon Ford, Randy Hayashi, Mostafa Keyhani, Harold Lyon, Erica Neumann, Robert Wood and more.

This new bear, "Grizzly Zen" from Shannon Ford is a special feature. Shannon has used cut and crushed gemstones mixed into her medium to creature a new dimension of colour and texture.

Classic cowboys scenes are staple at Gainsborough Galleries, and we love to use this time of year to show off our amazing collection by Harold Lyon. From the Alberta Foothills to the Arizone desert, Harold has captured the spirit of the west in many different palettes. 


And what would Calgary Stampede without a little bull riding? Dillon Huang has captured the action in this stunning piece, appropriately titled "The Bull Rider".


Come in and check out the glorious display of Western culture. We'll be launching the show on July 6th, with the official reption on July 9th.

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Little Show of Big Paintings

Posted on 26 May 2016
Little Show of Big Paintings
Come see some Awe and Awwww with our little show of Giaint Paintings until June 3rd.
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