Cameron, F

About Fred Cameron

Fred is a lifetime resident of British Columbia, and travels extensively throughout BC and Alberta to capture the beauty and magnitude of the varied landscapes and wildlife. His subjects are vastly varied - from mountains to gardens, still life to nudes and wildlife. Early in his career he was greatly influenced by many of the old and modern day impressionists. In recent years he has become an avid follower of American impressionists. His greatest influence and inspiration has been received from William Reese, one of the greatest impressionists in the United States, and with whom he has studied. Fred also considers himself fortunate to have studied with other elite artists including Ned Jacob of Maine and Russian artist Ovanes Berberian. Fred is an accomplished oil painter, who also works with pastel. As a sculptor, Fred has created several limited edition bronzes. Fred's oil paintings are richly coloured and beautifully textured with energetic brushstrokes. His paintings come from his heart, and show the artists passion for his subjects. His favorite place to paint is plein air.