Doratti, Patrick

About Patrick Doratti

Patrick Doratti was born in Nelson, B.C. in 1978. He studied first in digital imaging for film in Vancouver, BC. A change in direction led him to briefly attend Dalhousie University in the architectural program. At this time he received his first sculptural commission and realized his future was to become a full-time sculptor and pursue his passion for art.

Primarily self taught, Patrick divides his time creating both realistic wildlife and modern abstract sculpture. He is attracted to the colour and emotion of the Expressionist painters as well as the classical art forms of the Italian sculptors. He studied sculpture in various studios in Carrara, Italy during 2006-2007. Patrick considers himself an emerging artist, each new piece an exploration. Presently, his stylistic approach attempts to combine modern abstract form with the classical which he feels was more in touch with the public's opinion of art. The colour of the stone is used to give additional emotion to the sculpture forms. Patrick Doratti's work is found in Calgary, Vancouver, and in the Kootenays. He currently lives and works in his studio in Nelson, B.C.