Hedrick, Ron

About Ron Hedrick

Ron was born in Vancouver in 1942 and has spent most of his life in BC. He took his first instructions in painting from Karl E. Wood in 1968. He became a full time painter in the early 1980s and has never looked back. Strongly influenced by Tom Thompson's powerful colors and heavy impasto oils, Ron's individual style began to take shape. Hedrick's work is easily recognizable with its bright sunlit colors and spontaneous, confident brushwork. He lives with his wife Sandy and daughter Jessica in a rural setting in British Columbia. His other daughter and her husband have three girls to whom Ron is a proud grandfather. Hedrick has found an ideal environment in which to work. Ron is constantly exploring new concepts in light, color and form. His works range from "plein-air" landscapes to romantic and nostalgic situations including figures, as well as still life and images of beautiful gardens. Ron's experiences include pleasures such as meeting Goldie Hawn who collected four pieces of his work. His works have recently been featured in the publications Magazine Art and Readers Digest. Most recently Ron was voted in as member of an international network of exclusive artists - the Salmagundi Club on New York's Fifth Avenue.