About Cody Houston

The training of an artist is a process limited only by the span of his life. This is what Cody Houston's sculpture reflects, his life and interests, past, and present.

Cody thoroughly enjoys his life as a sculptor. It allows him to express his keen interest in man and animals and their relationship within our culture. This interest is expressed in the bold and energetic representational sculpture Cody is noted for.

The popularity of his work may be attributed to the a comfortable balance of aesthetics and emotion. He has widespread appeal for collectors due to the varied subjects he chooses and because of the obvious quality of the finished sculpture.

Cody says, "I always like meeting with collectors. I tell people to trust their own feelings and buy what they are attracted to. When you buy a piece of art your investment is returned over and over again, each time you stop and enjoy the piece. I like that, I like knowing that the things I create will bring satisfaction for a very long time."

Cody's art is inviting. He develops the significant details necessary to imply the proper mood. He creates a comfortable feeling that is easy to live with, offering subjects for contemplation, for study, for personal identification.

Cody is unique. It follows that his sculpture is equally so.