Lake, Robyn

Robyn loves to paint outside, varying her subject matter  from intimate  close up  views  of flowers and fruit,   to panoramic views of the landscape. Her luscious sensual paintings reflect her intense love of the land, and the vibrant colours express her emotional response to her subject matter:

"I was born in the tropics, where all the colours in the landscape are so intense and I wonder if this hasn't always remained with me.  More than that though, when I observe the landscape, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and joy, and the brilliant colours I use are an expression of this.  I want people to feel a sense of this when they look at my work. 
There's a flow of energy through the land and when I'm out there, I become part of it, especially when I'm painting. Whether outside or in the studio, I become completely involved in the process of painting, and only think about what I am doing right then; composing the picture, simplifying, and using intuitive colour choices that reflect what I feel about my subject."