Lamont, Tom

2 Bear in Tree
2 Bear in Tree
13.5 X 13

About Tom Lamont

Tom Lamont developed his love for wildlife while working as a Forest Service Fire-Spotter in the northern reaches of British Columbia, Canada. The long, lonely hours reached the inner depths of Tom that brought forth the artistic eye and desire to create an outlet for his love of nature and respect for the animals of our planet. Tom began carving with mediums of natural wood and nature's leavings such as moose antlers collected from those dropped naturally by the live animal.

Tom's sculptures are created from the vision he 'sees' coming from within the raw material. This, in combination with his artist's eye and lifelong study of wildlife brings forth the subject in a variety of style, poise and depth. No matter what creature is sculpted, Tom also brings the personality of each into his carving. His skill in this aspect has brought him recognition especially when carving Bears. From Polar Bear to Brown Bear each one has its own, almost whimsical persona. His whales and ocean creatures depict grace and serenity. Tom's frog carvings allow one to recognize the hidden world of these often forgotten creatures!

Tom is a very private individual, centered by his four loves: carving, his partner Kali, his daughters and fly-fishing! He is happiest when choosing a new medium, visualizing the sculpture within and bringing it forth. He has five daughters all living on the Islands or in the Okanagan Valley. Tom spreads his love and time between all.
Through life's changes Tom has always expanded his experience, knowledge and pleasure that nature offers. His carvings reflect the changes occurring on our planet and he hopes that his work will give people the option to reflect and appreciate nature's bounty.