Raftery, Ted

About Ted Raftery

Ted Raftery has been painting full-time in the Calgary area since 1978. He enjoys Calgary as a base because of its proximity to the mountains, foothills, prairie and wetlands, all of which he loves to paint. Ted is also very fond of portraying the extremely changeable Alberta weather.

Once Ted is involved with a painting he tends to focus on that painting alone in order to best bring out the mood, or emotion he wishes to evoke. It may be peaceful calm, the drama of a storm, or the lonely, wilderness feel of the mountains.

He likes to get deep into the subject and feel the atmosphere, playing appropriate music while painting helps him in this goal.

As an inspirational reminder he has taped to his easel a quotation by the English painter Sir Alfred Munnings - "In all fields of creative endeavour, natural ability and talent do not in themselves ensure success; sheer hard work and understanding of ones subject are essential ingredients."

Although he has exhibited in many locations throughout Alberta as well as in Arizona, California, Florida, Montana, Wyoming and the British Isles, he now chooses to have his work shown exclusively by Gainsborough Galleries in Calgary. They readily sell everything he paints and they are also the gallery which gave him his start.
His works appear in many private and corporate collections in Canada, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Great Britain and Germany.