Shorten, Lisa

About Lisa Shorten

Born in Edmonton in 1968, Lisa has lived in many parts of Canada: Calgary, Halifax, St. John's, Ottawa, and NWT. Lisa attended University in both St. John's and Edmonton and although she studied criminology and sociology, she followed a career in administration which has crossed a variety of industries over the years. Lisa has spent many hours volunteering to support several minor sports clubs in Edmonton and St. Albert.

An appreciation for the beauty of stones began at an early age when Lisa spent 6 summers living in Tuktoyaktuk collecting Jasper along the shores of the Beaufort Sea.
Lisa has always had an interest in exploring different art forms. Lisa began carving wooden walking sticks about 10 years ago and it was then that she developed an interest in carving.

The opportunities for creating art using both wood and stone are endless. Lisa is continually fine-tuning her skills and exploring different ways to manipulate shape and color of the raw material.