Zach, Vilem

About Vilem Zach

Vilem Zach was born on October 23, 1946 in Prague, Czech Republic where he spent numerous years studying privately under the mentorship of art professor, Jesinsky. Finding life unrewarding under communist rule, he left his homeland in 1969 and moved to Canada.

Once in Canada, Vilem was able to transform his childhood passion of art into a full-time profession, realizing his dream of painting the North American Indian and their culture. With each pastel portrait, he strives for a high standard of accuracy and feeling. His work also consists of candid, yet detailed portraits of the western heritage.

By 1978, Vilem became more established with his portraiture works. He began exploration with sculpting pieces to be cast in bronze, a medium for which he is now internationally recognized.

Vilem currently resides in Calgary, Alberta and many of his life size statues and heroic size monuments can be seen at numerous tourist attractions and in private collections. Some awards include: 1986 Calgary Time Capsule Monument, 1987 Olympic Torch Runners Monument (to commemorate the 16th Winter Olympic Games held in Calgary) and 1988 Mr. W.C. Van Horne statue. Some collectors include: the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC; Petro Canada; Canadian Pacific Hotels; the Banff Museum and the Calgary International Airport. Some private collectors include: the President of Czech Republic; Vaclav Havel, Prince Andrew of England, the former Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein and the former Mayor of Calgary Al Duerr.

Vilem Zach has definitely earned his standing with the bronze sculpture works of the famous and elite artisans both past and present.